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Treatment centers are secure and clinically supervised facilities that assist patients in taking their first step toward recovery. Detoxification is a procedure that cleanses drugs and other harmful substances from the body. Detox is an important part of the recovery process, but shouldn’t be mistaken for rehabilitation treatment. Strategies for detox vary depending on which drug is being abused, and since quitting cold turkey is not suitable for all types of addiction, it’s best if detox is supervised in a controlled clinical environment. In truth, abruptly stopping drug or alcohol use can be dangerous in many circumstances. Trained staff uses safe and proven methods that treat each patient as a unique individual with different detox needs.

Although detox is a vital first step in most cases, detox is only a first step and is never meant to take the place of the rehabilitation process. Most detox centers encourage you to seek rehabilitative reinforcement directly after treatment because they know how easy it is to relapse after getting clean and sober. Detox offered in combination with treatment for abuse makes treatment centers an effective first step. An addict’s best possible chance for complete recovery is to follow up the detox procedure immediately with rehab.

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